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D0.1 Consortium Agreement S-ZAG R RE May 2015
D6.1 B-IMPACT website I-ECAM O PU May 2015 (Public website) August 2015 (Private part)
D6.2 Initial dissemination plan S-Geida R RE October 2015 Revision: December 2016
D6.3 Project flyer I-ECAM O PU October 2015
D1.1 Characterization report of the patinated samples F-TOU R RE May 2016
D3.1 Survey report on toxicity I-ECAM R PU December 2015
D3.2 Suggested methodology to measure coatings toxicity I-ECAM R RE February 2016 - Revision March 2017
D2.1 Proposal of candidate protection systems for patinated bronze I-UNIFE R RE June 2016
D2.2 Protection efficiency report for eco-friendly coatings S-ZAG R RE October 2016
D0.2 Yearly progress report S-ZAG R PU May 2016
D3.3 Test kit to check specific coatings I-ECAM R RE April 2016 - Revision March 2017
D4.1 Technical report on the assessment of surface treatment protectiveness I-UNIBO R RE March 2017
D5.1 Preindustrial coating product S-ZAG O/R RE/PU February 2017
D0.3 Document on Intelligent Property Rights S-Geida R RE February 2017
D5.3 Cost benefit and market analyses, necessary corrections according to market responses and pre-industrial product formation, feasibility report F-TOU (Technical part) S-Geida (Commercial part) R RE March 2017
D0.4 Final progress report S-ZAG R PU April 2017
D5.2 Technical report with guidelines F-TOU R PU March 2017
D6.4 Organisation of Workshop I-ECAM O PU 23 March 2017
D6.5 Utilization programme S-Geida R RE March 2017

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